About Us

Our company, Faithful Friends, was started in the fall of 1996. We have been exhibitors at local and regional craft shows throughout the state of New York. Our focus was originally hand painted representations of dogs and cats on stone and wood. Eventually our inventory expanded to include articles that would be of interest to animal lovers: sleeping mats, play toys and miniatures.

Meet our taste testers- Spuds the Lhaso and Boots the Tiger

As we continued to work on our crafts we were looking for an additional product line that would not be traditionally found on the fair circuit. We explored the concept of branching out into the preparation of dog and cat treats. Over the winter of 2002, we researched recipes that would provide novel product presentations.  Our overall goal is to produce wholesome, homemade dog and cat treats without the use of preservative agents. We believe that good pets deserve good treats! We have successfully marketed our product at various craft venues in Central New York. We are also involved in Hamilton New York's weekly Farmer's Market.

Since retiring from working as a registered nurse, I have been able to devote full time energies into the production of our product. I have always enjoyed cooking and baking so have the basic skills to build from. Although my wife is employed full-time out of the house she is able to work part-time in this new business helping to develop and implement packaging ideas and set-up displays. We also extensively utilize her degree in home economics to work on developing our products.

Being a small business we have multiple opportunities to listen to our customers’ issues and problems to get a sense of what they need to provide quality treats for their pets.. This individual approach helps us have repeat sales from satisfied consumers. Dogs at the Hamilton Farmer’s Market bring their owners to our stand each weekend so that they can come and get their free biscuit. We are also very satisfied to hear owners share their anecdotes as to how much their dogs enjoyed our product. We have had people return to our tent the same day of the fair as they have gone home and when they saw how much their animals enjoyed their treats they returned to get a larger supply.

We have fortunate to be helped in developing our business through association with the Partnership for Community Development in Hamilton, NY. Without the support of this program our dream of having our own business would never have materialized.

The major benefit to our customers is that the purchases they make help to perpetuate the care and attention that they have for their pet’s overall health by providing a top-grade product that is made locally and not through mass production. A little love goes into each product.